Data Engineering + Python GUI

Using python and an ever increasing database, I created a practical way to view and interact with data.

Jonas Pinson - July 2018

Project III - Image classification for TVH

Using python and Tensorflow, we created an image classification project for school commissioned by TVH

Jonas Pinson - 28 June 2018

Project II - Interactive Robot

A python and kinect project for school commisioned by Sportcampus Brugge. Here we learned the difficulties of combining 2 seperate languages

Jonas Pinson - 25 January 2018

First professional website

A predominantly backend heavy website, a platform created in PHP

Jonas Pinson - July 2017

Project I - Weather station

For the final project of my first year I made a Functioning low cost weather station equiped with a bunch of sensors and a webpage as interface.

Jonas Pinson - June 2017

First game

As a project for school we had to develop our own little platformer, I created a simple version of the game "Mercenary Kings"

Jonas Pinson - June 2015